Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jake's Marine Corp Graduation

** A special thank you to Cyndi for taking all the photo's. She is really my angel**First call to Grandma. While she had to remain in Arizona with what is expected to be H1N1, I wanted his number one supporter to not miss out on anything.
First hug from mom. I cried like a baby. Jake and I butt heads often, we always have. Ironically it makes me love him only more. It makes no sense to me. I missed him so much, cried often and was happy to see him again. 20pounds lighter. HE WAS ALREADY TOO THIN. Double rations did not help him do anything but loose weight. How would that be? Well I don't want the work that comes with those double rations.

Jake is in the center. The lightest color of skin. We had not talked to him yet. The tension was high.

One of our first pics of Jake. He sure looks handsome all Marined out. He is Jake, always will be, always will walk his own step. We love him so much. He had a smile I never had seen before. I hope his growth continues as he furthers himself in life. Just wish he did not have to be away from us to do it.

About 500 new Marines graduated. It felt like we were being invaded.

Oh how children steal your heart and soul. I support our troops, however I am not shy to admit I do not believe in war and I do not like the fact my child is serving in a war time with such high stakes. I have to say this only makes me more proud of him, however his graduation is bitter sweet. I know this statement is up for much debate, however after all is said, at the end of the day, I am a mother to a 19 year old boy who just signed up battle.

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  1. Beautiful pics. You are such a proud Mama. I LOVE it!

    Congrats to Jake!