Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are heading out in 3.5 hours.

Well it is 630 p.m., we have to wait for 3.5 more hours to call for our 11p.m. admit. Just thought I would say thank you to everyone, and will update as soon as we can. We are both just full of nervousness, and anticipation. Pray we get some sleep tonight, not really sure what to expect. Hopefully our next entry baby X will participate in and say his first hello.

Can't believe it is finally time, I am so emotional all the time not just tonight, but I already am full of happy tears and they are barely staying inside right now. I am going to cry like a baby.

Okay I could talk the next three hours, but I have lot's to do.

Thanks again.

Chantelle, Cyndi, Joe, and soon baby X.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Surprise/Welcomed Visit.

We just found out 2 days ago that Cyndi's mom will be coming in from Oklahoma for the birth of the baby. Both mom's will be in the room to see their new Grandchild born. We are thrilled for the support and am sure the Grandma's can offer good advice that will be needed.
Okay this is probably my last entry prior to the announcement of our dear new baby boy. I am so excited I could scream and dance.

Thank you everyone for the gifts, support, phone calls, dinners. We are so lucky to have family and friends that are so wonderful to us.

Pray for us, and hopefully I will be posting a quick birth announcement on 12-9-09.

Hugs to all.

38 weeks joint maternity pics. (probably the last ones until baby)

Everyone knows me as a short hair spiky kinda blond/brown hair person. While the pregnancy has progressed I have grown out my hair. Thought I should share some pictures of what I really look like these days. I am so grateful to have Cyndi and baby X in my life. I will cherish these pictures for eternity.

35-36 week Maternity pictures.

My beautiful wife. I am so darn lucky.

I hope she looks this excited in labor. She is so silly and because I am so serious, it makes me love her ten times more.

Okay no belly here, but OMgosh, she is so beautiful I just have to share.

She has been a champ. The last couple weeks have been a bit of a challenge for her. She is starting to get just a little uncomfortable. We are about 60 hours away from our hospital admission.

My last day home alone, I thought I would try and update some pictures. Blogging is just one of those things if you don't keep up on, you don't know where to begin.