Friday, December 4, 2009

Just a quick note. I have many pictures to update. We are scheduled for an induction on Tuesday, December 8th at 11 PM for a birth hopefully during our OBGYN's 12 hour shift on Wednesday 7a-7p. We will update pictures when things calm down. It has been so busy. I am not sure if they have Internet at BEMC but I will update what we can via cell phone or Internet. We are so excited to meet Mr. X. Scared for labor and scared to be the perfect mom's but we will do our best. So we only have 5 or less days until we meet our little perfect angle.
Sorry we have been slow at updating, I have been trying to make Cyndi have a comfortable last month. Doing my jobs and hers. She still is very active, but Mr. X keeps her a little uncomfortable.
If he is born in the middle of the night I will not send out notifications until morning. My guess is about a 2-6pm birth on the 9th. Only time will tell.
Please say a prayer for us that Cyndi will do well during labor and that we will have the confidence to care for our new son.
Thanks for every one's support.

We are so very excited and promise to update all the old pictures. Please pray he is healthy and Cyndi is healthy. I am just really scared right now.

Cyndi and Chantelle