Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 weeks pregnant. YEAH MORE BELLY PICS

Okay so in the above pic she says don't get my face, so I said then lift up your chin. After she saw the pictures she said, why did you make me lift up my chin like that I look silly. I say she is silly. LOL

I am so in love with that adorable belly. HOW CUTE!

Different pictures within 5 seconds look bigger, and or smaller so I like to post a few.

Pregnant belly covered.
There is a really funny story to those blue shorts she is wearing in almost every belly pic. Okay I hate them. I hid them once for about six months. She did not even notice they were gone. The funny thing is she does not wear them everyday, really, I promise. However, EVERY belly pic except one she is wearing those ridiculous blue short I HATE. Maybe she will grow out of them. I think she wears them to drive me bonkers. She has like 10 pair or more of shorts. She does not wear them outside, I think I might hide them again. If for no other reason than to get some belly pics in a different pair of bottoms.
However I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER she gets away with murder with me and can almost do anything she wants. What is a girl to do when she is so in love?

Cyndi thinks her weeks in pregnancy are finally catching up to her growing belly. She still won't take pictures of her face with the belly, I don't get it but that is okay. We all know what she looks like (silly Cyndi).

Baby Furniture now up and ready.

Yeah it is all put together. It was not so bad, however I thought the wood seemed thinner at home then in the store. I love the convertible idea, just not sure they build the material to last until it really can be used as a full size bed. We will see if it makes it to high school but I am guessing not.

The colors are coming together. I really love our color choice. Just hope if we have a little princess she will love it too. Maybe when she is five we can do another theme.

We have added a sheet and changing table cover, but if we took pictures daily of little new additions are computer would crash from over


First bit of clothing we have bought and been given.
Just the beginning of our closet, obviously still some storage in the closet that needs to find another home. Our house is busting at the seems. Where the heck do we put all these things we won't get rid of? This is becoming a challenge to say the least.
BUT, well worth it.

The room is now drying.

More painting

Joe popping in to check on us and say hello. We are almost done. YEAH!

WHY, do I never have my hair or make up done when we take pictures for our blog?
GOAL #1 start looking like I actually care what I look like in this blog. LOL

PeeWee is hanging in there.

That is me in the top picture, did I mention I am afraid of heights? Not bad here but the other ladder, that's another story I shake when I am at the top and get nauseated on the way down. But Cyndi is out of commission. So I am doing my best.

Double masked for baby. And stepping ladder only!!

Pee Wee is sick of the house being moved around. He can feel changes are underway and he is not happy at all. Poor PeeWee. If he only knew we love him so much.

The tan is called sandstone something. I like it.
We (Cyndi) flipped the blades of the fan to be a softer ocean color. Thank you mama Cyndi but... STAY OFF THE LADDER!!!!

The beginning of the painting. At least you can now see the floor. Goodbye storage room (almost) hello beginning of nursery.

Pregnancy is crunching our schedules.

I can only imagine how busy we are going to be after the little one arrives. Every other week Cyndi has three days in a row off. This was the week. With her off it means we have many chores/home projects that need to be completed. We work better on projects when we can share the work rather than trying to make decisions on our own. I will post pictures over the last week of what has kept us busy and unable to keep up on our blog.
Cyndi was also sick for a few days. So not like her. The pregnancy has brought elimination issues. Either can't go, or peeing 30 times in a day. She has still had no morning sickness, however this week probably not related to her pregnancy she had the opposite of the not going issue. This meant five days off in a row for Cyndi. So when not visiting the bathroom we got a lot accomplished.
We are one day shy of 14 weeks. I can't believe how fast things seem to be going. I just wish we knew the sex. I sure admire those who want a surprise birth. I feel so torn on what to buy and not to buy. Because we are doing our nursery in a ocean theme, our colors are blue white tans etc. However we don't want to buy the little decorative items until we know the sex. Plus I just want the room to stay very calm and not have all the bright colors. Hard to do considering most people tend to do more of the brights.
I want a little girl, but as the above pictures will demonstrate, a little boy might just fit into the picture a little better. Oh well if my little princess is in there, she will learn to love the ocean just as I do. ( I hope)
My mom did go to a garage sale today and picked up 14 little onesie's not sure how you spell that. They are all girls, but my family is convinced we are having a little girl. I was surprised how good they looked. I never would of thought to look for baby clothes at a garage sale. I figured they would be trashed. These look like they have been worn once or twice washed and then sold to my dear mom for 25cents each. I was grateful. She was concerned we would not like hand me downs, not sure why, we don't come across that way, at least I hope not. Her and my brother are both so thoughtful. I have been blessed with a family that accepts Cyndi as if she were blood. They my entire family loves Cyndi just as much or in my opinion more than me. That is okay, they can love her more, she is too special not to.
Okay enough rambling on, I will start the picture post.