Monday, August 10, 2009

Well I have some updating to do, but the pictures are going to have to wait. Busy busy times.
Cyndi's belly has popped out in the last week. She even walks pregnant (right Rhonda), she really does. Baby XKRB is moving like crazy. It was really a cool experience. As I have probably mentioned I do not sleep. So... as I was laying there the ENTIRE night awake I just lightly put my hand on Cynds belly. He was flipping flopping and doing jumping jacks in there. I woke Cyndi up and said "don't move, but feel" . She was amazed to. Prior to this I only felt him move once. I could push on her belly and feel a butt, or head or something, but holy moly this boy is hyper. I hope he comes out a bit more relaxed and takes lessons from our new friend Sabrina.
It was the coolest thing ever. We have a blog follower, and we follow them (Those two daddies), well our good friends Rhonda and Gerry also fellow bloggers went to their blog and realized they lived near by. She was out and about and recognized them, I think it was cutie Sabrina that made her notice them. Rhonda was brave enough to approach them and long story short we all met for lunch on Sunday. It was a great gift to us! Bobby and Gregg have beautiful Sabrina, Rhonda and Gerry are soon to have their baby hopefully in a week or two, and we will have to wait till December. Then the party is on.
We are all different but similar situations. We wanted or have a baby. The boys adopted Sabrina, Rhonda and Gerry are using a surrogate from India, and we are carrying with an unknown donor. It was the first gay couple we have met with a little one. Some of our friends have older children, but it is so awesome to share this experience with others. THANKS RHONDA!!!
I start my new job tomorrow. More humble than ever and more grateful for the ability to have an education and a job than I thought was possible.
My dear wife Cynd has worked through her pregnancy this far and I have felt like the world's worst spouse. I will work hard to make it up to her. I have never met a kinder soul than Cyndi's. She is my angel from GOD and Iwill never believe anything other than that.
Jake our oldest has been gone about 3weeks now. I cry often, wish he were home, pray for his safety and for him to never forget he is loved. I know he will come back a changed man, but I don't want his heart to be breaking in the middle.
I promise I really do that Iwill post pictures soon. I avoid posting due to lack of pics, then I just get farther behind. So please stay posted. I work the next four at least and when I get a chance I will be on it.

Baby XKRB we love you so much more everyday. You have the key to our heart. Big brother Joe thinks you are just as much his as you are ours. He always says "well our baby this and our baby that", can you believe you have a 16 year old big brother who loves you so much. He wants to buy you a pair of DC's or Etenes however you spell it. EXPENSIVE shoes for a little man, but we will see.

To our freinds and family. We love you, appreciate your support and can't wait to share our gift with the world.

Chantelle, Cyndi, Joe, Peewee, Rocky, and Tobi.