Sunday, August 30, 2009

A new baby has arrived.

Our friends, Rhonda and Gerry, (Our journey to surrogacy in India) had their baby boy on 8-26-09 Indian time. A little boy wt. 5.9. They were their to witness their son's birth and are so excited. we have not met them yet as they remain in India for another 10 or so days. His name is BLaze Xennon. From the few pics I have seen he is perfect. You should take a look at their blog. They have an amazing story.

So Blaze, we are anxiously awaiting our first meeting.

Sorry it took me so long to update. Hope we have not lost all our followers.

See ya on the next blog.

Week 25 today

Cyndi is at work so I have no pictures to post, she is doing great. We have made it to the every two week OBGYN apt. Next apt, she does her glucose test. We thought it was last week and she only ate proteins, starved to find out it was next week.
A note about me. About 10 days ago I had an unexpected ER visit with abdominal pain. As most of you know I have one ovary, and was planning on starting to try to get pregnant in November. I had on cyst rupture on my ovary and a complex cyst a little larger than my ovary. I am still having my monthly and the Dr. said if it has shrunk or not got bigger than I am free to try. It scares me because it has risk involved. However having yet another surgery on that ovary will increase my risk of loosing my ovary and the journey of me trying will be over. Time will tell. Cyndi may be the birth mom to both of our children. It is something I have always wanted to do. She has made pregnancy look so easy that I am not sure I can compete. But everything is in God's hands so we will have to wait and see.
I am addicted to EBAY, Cyndi has told me okay hun, I think we have enough clothes. Plus a few other things. She is so supportive.
I have to say again, I love her so much, I love our family and friends, and am so excited for the growth of baby XKRB.

24 week belly shots, she seems to have grown a bit.

We are not in the safe zone yet, however being a preemie myself, born at six mos 1 day, I keep counting the days that the baby is in the safe zone. By all means I want her to carry until 37-40 weeks, not one day over though lol. Pregnancy brings so many changes, such as: These pants are too tight, these are too big, and the " OH I look fat, or my breast are growing faster than my belly". Regardless, this angel God sent to me is perfect and I adore her. I am eternally grateful for the sacrifice she has given to allow us to share a baby boy.

The greatest thing about her growing belly is now I can feel our baby every night. Not only can I feel him, I can see her belly move when he does. I feel so luck and thank God everyday for the blessings we have received.

Okay we are going to call this 22/23 weeks belly pic.

I love my beautiful wife and her allowing me to snap shots and post them to the world.
We love our baby so much!!!!

I think I lost a week somewhere in here. So this will serve as week 22 and 23

First day home from work as an R.N. YEAH!!!

After seven years of school off again, on again I did it. Most importantly I found a job. More grateful than I have ever been. Being unemployed makes a very humble soul!! Yes the hair color has changed, I was tired of getting it bleached every 4 to 6 weeks. A new me.

A few 21 week belly pics, at 5a.m.

She made me say that it was 5a and she was half asleep, (true), it was the only way she would let me post this pic.

Only a few 21 week pics here. None showing bare belly, it was early and Cyndi was getting ready for work. Her pants don't button, so we are doing what we can. She has to tuck her shirt in. It is been a creative event.

Late, but here they are 20 week belly pictures

My beautiful wife and her belly.

So, there is a funny story here, you know that long lasting lipstick that actually works, well I had the idea of writing 20 weeks on her belly, little did I know it would take about 5 days for it to come off. We laughed with amazement. I love my 20 week belly. Well Cynd's but it is mine too.

The morning Jake left for the USMC

Jake walking out, the last time we will see him until October.

One final hug for Grandma

Jake does not smile in pictures, but for 430 am the day you are leaving, I guess this is good.

A very sleepy me, trying to figure out my moms camera, eating donuts, and trying to hold back the tears.

We all met at Grandma's house at about 430 am waiting for his recruiter to pick him up. Not the happiest day by a long shot in my life, I am proud of him but so very sad he is gone. We are praying he is learning what he needs to get out of it. Hoping he knows how very loved he is.