Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting ready to go on vacation

It is Wednesday, Cyndi is at work until 730 tomorrow morning. She will walk in the door in time to get back in the car and head to the airport. We are going to Oklahoma to see Cyndi's side of the family. Only both her brothers will not be home this time so we are a little sad about that. One is out of the country and the other just moved to TX.
We scheduled our OB ultrasound for July 14rth. Hopefully that will give us confirmation of a baby boy.
After reviewing all the little signs during pregnancy we should have known it was a boy. First: at 6w4d we made laminated pictures of our US that ironically had a blue backing, it was the only color baby card stock we had in the house. Actually I guess that was second. A year and a half ago when we were in the planning daydreaming phase of getting pregnant, I asked for baby clothes for my birthday. Cyndi bought clothes that mostly pertained to a boy. Especially a little towel/robe for the baby. It is dark blue and light blue. And.... who would paint the nursery blue and white without knowing the sex of the baby? We also have been set on a boy name for years. HELLO NEW MAMA'S GET THE HINT ALREADY.
The only girl items we have are from my mom. That was because she said we deserved a girl, meaning, we would get to go through everything we put our mom's through. We are happy, I think it is a boy, but will not be surprised if the doctor says otherwise. I guess until someone says IT IS A BOY rather than well I think it is probably a boy but I am not sure. Again, I think I should just follow the hints and realize we are really having a boy. I have thought it was a boy from day one, however everyone else has said girl.
I don't know if I mentioned it prior but our baby is huge. He is measuring over and hmmm. there is no question as to when we got pregnant. We can give you a five hour time frame.
When doing AI I guess we forgot to focus on the LMP and just focused on the insem date. We did not do all the charting most couples do. Our charting was typically with a eyeliner pencil written on the mirror of our bathroom. God blessed us with a very easy BFP. I tend to think I worked about 15 years for that BFP. I am so lucky God sent me my angel Cyndi who happened to want to be a mommy too and had no problems getting pregnant.
Even on the worse day, I am very blessed.
I wish I could snap my fingers and have all women who desire to be mothers so badly get pregnant. It is such a storm of emotions, since we have been on our pregnancy journal, we have met several women via the inter-net that are TTC. For all you women who have yet to get your BFP, I think of you everyday. Having lived through so many negative pregnancy test, I feel your pain. May God bless you soon.
Well I guess this is it for a week. When we return we will have many pictures to share of the family. Maybe even a double belly shot since Cyndi's sister is also pregnant. She is about 13 weeks ahead of us.
PS Thank you sweet Jake for watching our home and animals. AND CONGRATS on getting your Drivers License. We love you.

Belly Pictures week 16

If you do not know Cyndi, she is full of laugh, giggles, and constant practical jokes. I believe I caught a bit of her pose she tried to correct before I took the picture. That is just her.

Mama Cyndi holding our baby boy.

Mama Chantelle trying to get every angle of that growing belly. I just think it is so cute. She is such a sport, I ask to see my belly probably 10 times (at least) a day. She has never said no. I get to hug, rub, kiss, my babys' belly and our baby all the time.

Her waist line has slowed a bit but her tummy is getting harder and harder. I keep hoping she will soon feel quickening (baby movement) and then soon I will be able to feel our baby.
All the posted belly pictures are great, and a pay back for all her covered wagon's, and locked windows in the car. Pregnancy sure does strange things to our body's.

Week 16, not a whole lot new EXCEPT A GROWING BELLY.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dear fellow Bloggers,
I have found a differnt template that I would like, however it says it will delete my follwers. I don't want to do that! Does anyone know how to get your cake and eat it too? I think I would loose my music, but I can re-do that much. When I started blogging I had no idea what I was doing and I am still a newbee and learning.
Thanks for any comments advice you may have.