Thursday, May 14, 2009

Took some time off, lots of news.

Okay so my goal was to write evey day or so, but with life being as busy as it is, I will just come on and catch up as we go.
Cyndi is begining to show a little bit. We bought her some new clothes so she can be comfortable. She is in the two big for most regular clothes and too small for maternity clothes. We are 9weeks 4 days. We went to the firt OB Dr. appt. the one where we actually saw the doctor. She is very nice Misty Johnson is her name. We tried to hear the baby's heart beat, but still a tad bit early to hear it with a doppler. We are not worried, most of our fears have calmed. Maybe that's too cautious but it feels better than to be on pins and needles all the time. Cyndi still has few pregnancy symptoms, she is tired, starving still and growing. No morning sickness, however I can not longer discuss how I think eating meat is gross. Even though I do eat it I always pick apart the meat to not eat any vessels. It grosses me out! But I enjoy talking about my meat picking and have to place that on hold as Cyndi does say it is grossing her out. Nothing use to gross her out so that is a new sign.
We have talked about the hormones, I still get the evil eye on a daily basis, but that is okay. She will hopefully get it back from me here soon in the future.
I sure love that hormonal woman. I think she is handling pregnancy way better than I will. She has not even cried one time. OMG, the G stands for gosh by the way. All I have to do is watch discoveryhealth, or many other movies and I ball like a baby. When I am pregnant I will be dehydrated from crying.
Other exciting news, I went to my nursing pining last night. I missed honors by a smidge so was a bit jealous not to have to colors of ribbon, but ya kknow what, I finished my dream of becoming a nurse. So far. Graduation is tomorrow and then state boards are in a few weeks, not sure of a date. When I pass my state boards I will feel at peace and celebrate. I know the job will come, so I have put my mind on final celebration coming after I pass my state boards. Never thought I would be so nervous about passing them, but I am.
We bought our tickets to Oklahoma. We will gone from July 2nd to July 7th. The baby should be about 5 inches long then. Cyndi should be showing a little more which will be fun for her family to see. Julee, Cynd's sister will be 7mos pregnant so It will be fun to see them together.

The Brumble family is coming in on the 21st to see Jacob, our oldest graduate from highschool. We are only allowed 10 tickets, so there will be five from the Brumble's and five from the Reiter-Belcher family. LaRue, Fred, Jenny, Mat, and Tara will be coming. We are excited to see everyone and are so thankful that Mat and his family are so supportive of the boy's. They have been the best Grandparents, parents, and Aunts/Uncles in the world.
From us the Reiter-Belcher/Martin Family OMG (Remember it's gosh) so many last names ,there will be Grandma Martin, Mom (hehe that is me) Cyndi, Uncle Bill, and little Bro Joe.
We are a varity of personalities that is for sure, but with all our differences, we share one thing in common and that is we all love and support Jacob.
So the past week and the following week are going to be very busy around here. I promise to post pictures of all the activities after we have time and things have calmed. I am thinking it is time for a belly picture. Cyndi will just have to do it for me.
Hope to be back on soon.
I LOVE YOU MY DEAR FAMILY!!! and baby..... you I adore, and everyday am excited for your growth, and that little attitude you already have via your mommy cyndi.