Friday, June 5, 2009

Catch up time again.

I have avoided the Internet to some degree this week. I peak, but have not been as vocal. I scheduled to take my RN state boards on Wednesday June 3rd. The started off on a stressful moment and I began my test at 2:00 P.M.. I planned on testing for about an hour and honestly I thought I would either pass of fail stopping at the minimum of 75 questions. So question 76 came up the 176 and more and more until 265, the maximum. I cried all the way home told all of my family not to give me the oh you did fine speech, that I failed and to just except it. The last thing I wanted to hear was oh you did fine you are just worried.
So it takes Pearson Vue the company that you test with 48 hours to give you unofficial results. I checked from the moment I got home and nothing. So out of desperation, I thought to just check the state board and see what it said.
HOLY MOLY it already had my name as an RN with my license #. I wanted to cry, scream, puke, and was not really sure to believe it or not. I called the state board and they said if you have a license number than you passed. So I told everyone praying to GOD pearson vue would put up the results, and that there was not a mistake.
This morning, after already celebrating in my head and with classmates I logged on to check my pass or fail status with Pearson Vue every 10-15 minutes. Finally at 1230 it said I could pay to see results. I know why pay $8 to see them if I already had a license #, that is just how I am, want to make sure. SO FINALLY I SAW THE WORD PASS!!!!
YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, dancing and screaming!!!!!
So as I am telling the world, I have only posted it on facebook, NW etc. (okay I am a little excited) I have waited 7 years.
Anyhoo it is Chantelle Reiter-Belcher R.N.
I am so freakin HAPPY!!!!!
I just have to find a job now. SO please say a little prayer. I don't think finding a job can be as stressful as the last year has been. I sure hope not. My family is so proud, and they are why I had the courage to try and finish. They have all been so supportive.
Had to share the news.
I just have so much excitement don't know how to get it all out.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Coming to grips with our new plans and another new arrival

Well, we cxld the swimmers that were to arrive this Friday. Thank heavens we cxld them in time I am not sure I could have them on the door step and sent them back. So the adjustment of working on one baby at a time has settled in and no more tears. I think it has put some of the tension at home at bay. I am only waiting 6 months and then we can try again.

On a positive note, the crib arrived from fed-ex today. It was a good surprise because originally it was on back order until June 9th. We are no way ready for it as the below pictures show, but just to know it is here just makes our dreams one step closer.
I only wish the same fed ex driver that delivered the swimmers with Cyndi's BFP would of been the same driver to deliver the crib. We told him he had our baby in that box and we were not joking. It would of been great to see his reaction for a second time.

One day at a time we are getting more and more excited. Our doppler still has only let us hear our baby's heart beat one time. It is a boy again, only boys are that darn stubborn. We have raised two of them believe me I know that much.

We love you baby CCRB. Grow big and strong and think, just think about being a girl.

Sharing our DIRTY laundry

You know when you have friends come over and there is a room or a spot you never want them to see. Well here it is. Our future baby room in the making. We moved here in October and this has been the craft room, have no idea where to put it room, and hurry stuff it in there so no-one see's it room. Believe it or not, this is actually a huge improvement from what it looks like on some days. Today Joe and I moved the futon out, and the bench's to my old kitchen table. We are planning a garage sale. At least when the room looks beautiful, you can look back and say man.... they really worked hard to get that room ready hehe.

YEAH new belly pictures.

In the above picture I think she is sucking it in. LOL I am going to be in so much trouble. Five years from now she will no longer be angry and reflect what a blessing her belly is.

If you ask me she has a shrinking belly. It seems to get smaller every week.

These are week 12 Belly pictures. She only let me post one, and the smallest one. Heck I would be sticking my belly out for the world to see. One day you will all see them. I will be pushing with all my might.
OOPS did she say I could only post one picture?????? I had a sudden loss of memory and could not remember which one she wanted me to post. (shhh) I tried to figure it out and shoot, my old age is getting to me. ( I am going to be in BIG trouble)
Have I mentioned lately.... Cyndi my darling love of my life, I love you more than words can describe. And..... Okay I will be your slave for the day. I could not resist. I just love you and our baby so much I just want to shout out to the world. HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!
Baby, tell mama Cyndi to be nice to me. One day she will thank me. And Cyndi, YOU PROMISED TO LOVE ME FOREVER. REMEMBER!!!!!!

Joey our baby for 6 more months. His 16th Birthday party

Okay what is a blog without many picture's? I LOVE pictures. They tell the tale.

As promised, the above pictures are of Uncle Bill on the left, sweet 16 year old joe in the red shirt, mama Cyndi in the blue shirt and the best Cake in the world made by my mom Patti.

My most adorable family Mama Cyndi to the left, Joe and Jazzy, Grandma's dog, and 18 year old Jake getting ready to leave for the USMC in July. I am the luckiest girl alive.

Joe above in the red shirt, with yucky boy sweat from playing with his friends outside.

Grandma Martin, Aka Grandma Reiter

Joes Friends at dinner during his Birthday.
I am so sad he is 16. But I love that little fellow. I can't believe I have been his mommy since Feb. 1998. He was only 4 years old.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Change of Plans.

Well in the picture of a perfect world, I dreamed about double belly shots, Cyndi and I together, sharing our pregnancy hand in hand. To make a long story short that will no longer be in our plans. I can't give explanations except that our marriage is between two people and we both have to agree to make a plan work in harmony.
So today we will sit back and think of all the blessing's God has given us with one on the way and concentrate on that.
If life throws you lemons make lemonade right????
I love Cyndi more than ever and if this makes her happy then in turn I shall be happy.
May God bless all of you out there TTC especially in June. I hope I can throw any of my baby dust your direction. So as for now we are going to TTC in late novemeber. Talk abou interesting a 9 month pregnant woman trying to do the insems. I think it might be a bust, but we shall see.
So to our singleton, we love you and are excited for your healthy arrival.

May God Bless all of you as he has us with our little one on the way.
With great love
Chantelle and Cyndi