Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Growing Fast

Xander is almost 2 months old and the Reiter-Belcher house hold is starting to calm down! No one ever really tells you just how CRAZY life is with a little one. We've had very late nights, and even earlier mornings, a messy house, poppy smelly diapers and crying loud enough the neighbors can hear (I am not talking about Xander:) BUT its all worth it, I couldn't ever image life without him. He is the best gift God could ever give to us. He is growing up so fast! He moved into his own room a week ago and he is sleeping in his own Big Boy Bed. I cant believe how great of a baby he is, we put him in his bed about 8ish and he lays there for awhile and then closes his eyes and hes out! He wakes normally only once around 2 to eat and then up for the day around 5:30. We were gifted a camera monitor from a friend so we can see him while he is in bed. It is amazing the things he does while he is sleeping. The other night Chantelle woke me up and said that Xander was sucking his thumb, Sure enough he was!!! I was a thumb sucker so I was pumped, but Chantelle says she hates it (but admits that it is so cute)... He is now all about his thumb!

I love his hands! That is not dirt under his nails, I was trying to hand print him and he was not to compliant so I got that black ink everywhere!

Peewee is adjusting with not being the baby but he is not too happy with it. :)

Xander on our morning walk, he is just resting his eyes!!!

He is so serious!