Saturday, July 25, 2009

Posting one day early YEAH 20 weeks

So this is one day shy, but chances are I may not get to post tomorrow. So we are half way. No true movement yet, but hopefully in the next 14 days. 22 week is the guideline so hopefully we meet it or beat it.
Joey is at his dad's this week, and Jake is gone as I think I have previously overstated. Cyndi is at work today so it is just me. Very odd.
We are so in love with baby XKRB. That is all we are sharing now, the initals. I might slip soon, I call him by name. Cyndi has the cutest belly still. Her uterus is right at her belly button. she grew 1/2 in this week or so in the belly. Clothing has become a huge pain in the butt for sweet Cyndi. She just does not like maternity clothes. She thinks she either looks fat or is just showing her growing breast. She is beautiful in everyway she ever could be. What a strong woman I married. I love her so much, I could never ever describe my love for my angel.
Soon to come..... Belly pics for our half way mark.
So it is a true count down now. Kinda scary but so exciting. Can't wait to meet the little man we adore. Well I can wait at least 17 more weeks, I want him to be happy and healthy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

After the Dr. US

So yes the Dr. US confirmed we are having a little boy. We are so happy that he is growing and healthy. The US confirmed all we wanted with the exception of him sucking his thumb. NO!!!!!

It is 11 hours until Jake leaves to the USMC, and I am sad. I know he needs to and wants to go, but my heart is a bit broken. He won't be here to see his baby brother after birth, and from mow on it will be hit and miss as to when we see him. I hope he knows how much he is loved, and how much he will be missed. Darn those kids, they just steal your heart no matter what. He was no walk in the park to raise. My journey began when he was 7 and can you say terror! He has come along ways, I am so proud of him, and hope he leaves a boy and comes back a man. Most important I hope he comes back safe. It is going to be a hard next few days until I can adjust and then it will always be hard just not knowing what he is doing. If he is mad, sad, happy, or whatever else.
Jake please know we love you more than we could ever show you. Please be smart, work hard, learn much, laugh often, and know you are loved.

18 week 2 day belly pictures.

Fresh out of the shower she will kill me.
Cute growing belly.

Front on pic of Baby X. He is for sure a baby boy, we are so excited~

I think she grew alot but the measuring tape says otherwise. Oh well. Oh ya and she thought she felt baby X move. Yipee, I can not wait until I can feel him.

Jenny's 33rd birthday and John and I went fishing

Yeah Jenny's Birthday. Her son Brendon in the background.

Fishing it the best thing in the world. And... we did not kill any of them.

I always kiss my fish, well pretend before sending them back.

That was a 8lb Bass. Yeah right, we just tried to make it look big. Failed attempt.

Okay this is an ugly fish. It is a Gar, they have teeth, and look like a fat snake with a few small fins. We cut the line and let him go. We did not want to even touch him. I guess they are kinda nasty. I had not heard of one until our trip.
I had so much fun, but my favorite thing is fishing.

17 week belly pictures with a face YEAH belly

Oh baby X we Love you!!!

All angles possible of course.
PS notice the maternity clothes. Yipee

I am still so in love with her growing belly.

Are those cute or what? You can finally tell she is pregnant.

Post 4rth of July family pics.

Cousins Blake, Joe, Brendon, Hailey, Addison

Joe with Grandpa Jim's Gun, YIKES that is scary!

Grandpa John and Hayhay and Addy

The two pregnant sisters Cyndi and Julee

An update of us. Chantelle and Cyndi

More 4rth of July pics. Cyndi has a BIG family

Random picture I thought was pretty in OK
What a mess to clean up. You play you pay I guess.

Theresa and Brendon his second favorite Aunt. Sorry Theresa.

Theresa and her fiancee

They are so happy, and we are so happy for them. Marriage is wonderful!

More 4rth of July family pics

We had so much fun. Here are some family pics.
Grandma Ann and Grandpa John

Julee and Hayhay with Grandpa Jim

Addison blowing kisses. She is sooo cute

Jenny being silly. She is the next top model.

Grandpa John, Julee, and Hayhay


Just when I have time to update my blog, they darn web page is not working. So, we are all on hold. Sorry. I had plans to post away. Darn technology.
Thanks for reading.

Oklahoma and the 4rth of July

Joseph and cousin Blake making plans to set off the next explosion at Aunt Jenny's. They even have a launch pad. Joe is always so excited to go to Oklahoma and the boys get along soooo good.

Natalie, Chantelle, Erica and her little sister. Hanging around the pool avoid some of the fireworks. It last from 9a until about 10p. An all day affair.

Mama Julee, little Hayhay, and Grandpa John.

Launch pad with all the boys strategically planning their events.

Joseph and hayhay with a couple pre-planned fireworks.
Cute Cousins together.

It has turned into somewhat of a tradition at our house to go to Oklahoma for the 4rth of July. Not much cooler, but there is good family, fireworks, and lots of entertainment for free. Cyndi was blessed to have a very funny family. They pull pranks on each other all the time, and Cyndi considers her best friends to be her siblings. That is what life should be.

Double belly pictures.

Cyndi on the Left, sister Julee on the Right. YEAH for growing belly's.

They are so beautiful!!! And good sports on top of it. The first time Cyndi has had a sibling in her family pregnant at the same time. And... They are both beautiful baby boy's. Can you say BFF in the future.

On our vacation to Oklahoma we were lucky enough to get Cyndi and her sister Julee (13weeks ahead of us) to show off their beautiful belly's. What wonderful women!!!