Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jake back to MCRD

So Jake had his ten day leave and got back into civilian living very quickly. He has since flown back to complete more training in San Diego. He did not want to go back, which is so hard for me as his mom. I just think signing up for a 5 year contract and never really doing it before signing sucks. He wishes he would of gone in the guard. I know after school that will change, but for now it pulls on my heart. At least in the last two days I have gotten a couple text messages which did not happen at all in his first 13 weeks.
Cyndi is 33weeks and 5days. We have an OBGYN appt tomorrow. Cyndi is sick, I sure hope she starts feeling better. It is scary since my mom had H1N1 and Cyndi is at high risk. We did try for the most part to keep them away from each other, however they are like two peas in a pod. They say you marry someone like your mom and boy did I ever. They even look a like.
Cyndi is still pressing the limits with her blood pressure. Today it was 162/92. I just think that is too high. I love her Dr. so I guess I just need to have more faith that she knows what she is doing.
Baby X is doing good, we have broke out the doppler and listened to his very loud heartbeat a few times this week. He kicks from every direction. Sometimes it feels like he is going to bust through her abdominal wall.
Tomorrow we are taking belly pictures, not just the normal ones we put on here, but hopefully some that look nice. How could the not? It is Cynd and she is beautiful and amazing.
All the fears of can I do this are starting to race through my mind. I am so afraid, but excited to meet my baby boy.
We will post more pics as soon as we get them.
I am still amazed that I am so in love with our baby boy and I have never met him.
Have a great day.
Chantelle and Cyndi

Sunday, October 25, 2009

33 week belly pictures. *missed 31 and 32 sad*

Cyndi and Pee-wee comparing belly's. Pee-wee has a new diet and is pushing a close first. LOL
WOW baby X is growing leaps and bounds. According to the book he weighs 4 and a half pounds. Her belly is still beautiful. Pushing and outy but not yet. No stretch marks yet. She is gorgeous.

Frontal shot, these almost remind me of mug shots, we get every angle. She is still a good sport. I am amazed every day God gave me such a beautiful wife, inside and out.

"Turn to the side please"

I feel I have some explaining to do. I can only imagine when baby X gets here how busy we will be. I fall behind on the blog more than I stay current. I appreciate everyone who reads all our journal type information.
We had a scare last Sunday at 32 weeks. Cyndi is on modified bed rest related to hypertension. Her Dr. would like to stay medicine free, not me on the other hand. Her blood pressure is too high so she is only able to do the necessary daily living activities. Her work is awesome, and her Dr. still allows her to go since she has no heavy lifting, or strenuous activity. Not now anyway, normally she does. We spent one night in the hospital in OBGYN triage, they said she is having contractions, but none she could feel. Baby X has slowed his movement a bit, but that is because he is becoming cramped. He still moves, gets the hiccups, just no kicking anymore. Cyndi has been a great pregnant mama. She makes it look so easy and I know I would be moaning and stuff already. I am ready for his arrival and I know he still needs another four plus weeks. Cyndi has went from no symptoms of pregnancy to becoming very uncomfortable. This only makes me love and admire her even more.
Again, thanks for reading I will like I always say, try and do better.

DeHaven, Reiter family dinner (ironically at Olive Garden)

My Aunt Marion, cousin Butch and the world's best mother.

My beautiful 33week pregnant wife and our son to be.

Blake and Brook, twin niece and nephew, brother Bill and the rest.

Cyndi, my mom, cousin, Aunt, and Uncle Jim.

Jake has a very large unique family. A little from here, a little from there, in the long run he is just spoiled as spoiled gets. This is my side of the family to include my brother, cousin, Aunt, Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Son, girlfriend and of course my beautiful wife Cyndi and baby.

Jake's Marine Corp Graduation

Our first picture of Jacob. I did not recognize him at first. He looked kinda mean. Little did I know he had a sparkle in his eyes I had never seen.
Joseph (with sun in his eyes) Jake and Step sister McKenna. All the siblings with the exception of baby X which we can not wait to arrive.

Jake and mama Cyndi. Her cute 32 week belly, which by the way we missed belly shots. Darn it. Jake was surprised to see her belly had grown so much.

Brittany, Jake and lil bro Joseph. If you did not notice Joe of course is messing with Brittany's hair or something.

Me and Jake. I had gotten a sunburn so bad that a hat was my only survival method.

Some of these are a little out of order, just the way the computer downloaded. Going to boot camp to pick someone up takes more energy than going to an amusement park. We were sooooo tired by the time things were over. It was so worth it, my only regret is that my mom was unable to attend.

Jake's Marine Corp Graduation

Lunch at Olive Garden. Thank you Cyndi again for taking pictures, I wish you were in them. Family consist of myself, Joe, his step-sister, step-mom, Grandma, Aunt Jenny, and Aunt Amee, girlfriend Brittany, and his dad. He had an empty pit for a stomach, not sure where he put all the food. Not to mention the 270 cookies Grandma Martin made for him that he snacked on for two days.
Jake and Brittany ahead, he could not carry his C-bag which weighed about 60 or so pounds, Cyndi is pregnant, so guess what, yup his wimpy mom carried it almost a mile. Sore legs the next day. However the true struggle was getting it in the trunk.


Jake is about the second from the right. He made the only HONOR platoon. However look at those DI's. No phone calls home, lots of screaming and Jake was in trouble a lot. They look so mean and only 23 years old. The one with the black belt was his lead DI and had earned a purple heart and almost died. I thought I was mean, I guess they took the cake on that one.

All the new Marines getting ready to graduate. It was so cool to hear them march and move. The DI's even had songs they sang to the whole left, right, left thing. During graduation, two Marines passed out. They grabbed them underneath their arms and drug their heels until they were to the side. It was so sad. We were not allowed to go on the tarmac and help. Very tough as a nurse. Just glad Jake stayed up. I was so scared.

This was the final day of graduation. Knowing we could take him home was so comforting. Knowing we had a 7 hour drive home with more luggage than we had room for was not so comforting. The trip was much better going home, it went faster. No radio, just Jake's sweet voice with all his stories of what he did and learned. We are so proud of him.

Jake's Marine Corp Graduation

Training ground. Right by San Diego Airport on MCRD grounds. Looks fun to me, however I would not have a DI yelling at me.

Last couple minutes of family day. Jake shaking Joe's hand for a goodnight farewell. Wish we could take him home with us. So sad.

Jake's first time checking his ATM balance ever. He was so excited to have earned money. It was just too cute.

Our first family picture. With baby X in tow and all. Cyndi was the most fantastic pregnant person ever. Never one complain. I love her so much. Baby brother kicked with excitement as his big brother just completed his graduation.

Day one was kinda overwhelming for all of us. We walked about 10 miles, Cyndi was such a trooper being 31 almost 32 weeks pregnant.

I think we were all over stimulated.

Jake's Marine Corp Graduation

** A special thank you to Cyndi for taking all the photo's. She is really my angel**First call to Grandma. While she had to remain in Arizona with what is expected to be H1N1, I wanted his number one supporter to not miss out on anything.
First hug from mom. I cried like a baby. Jake and I butt heads often, we always have. Ironically it makes me love him only more. It makes no sense to me. I missed him so much, cried often and was happy to see him again. 20pounds lighter. HE WAS ALREADY TOO THIN. Double rations did not help him do anything but loose weight. How would that be? Well I don't want the work that comes with those double rations.

Jake is in the center. The lightest color of skin. We had not talked to him yet. The tension was high.

One of our first pics of Jake. He sure looks handsome all Marined out. He is Jake, always will be, always will walk his own step. We love him so much. He had a smile I never had seen before. I hope his growth continues as he furthers himself in life. Just wish he did not have to be away from us to do it.

About 500 new Marines graduated. It felt like we were being invaded.

Oh how children steal your heart and soul. I support our troops, however I am not shy to admit I do not believe in war and I do not like the fact my child is serving in a war time with such high stakes. I have to say this only makes me more proud of him, however his graduation is bitter sweet. I know this statement is up for much debate, however after all is said, at the end of the day, I am a mother to a 19 year old boy who just signed up battle.