Sunday, October 25, 2009

33 week belly pictures. *missed 31 and 32 sad*

Cyndi and Pee-wee comparing belly's. Pee-wee has a new diet and is pushing a close first. LOL
WOW baby X is growing leaps and bounds. According to the book he weighs 4 and a half pounds. Her belly is still beautiful. Pushing and outy but not yet. No stretch marks yet. She is gorgeous.

Frontal shot, these almost remind me of mug shots, we get every angle. She is still a good sport. I am amazed every day God gave me such a beautiful wife, inside and out.

"Turn to the side please"

I feel I have some explaining to do. I can only imagine when baby X gets here how busy we will be. I fall behind on the blog more than I stay current. I appreciate everyone who reads all our journal type information.
We had a scare last Sunday at 32 weeks. Cyndi is on modified bed rest related to hypertension. Her Dr. would like to stay medicine free, not me on the other hand. Her blood pressure is too high so she is only able to do the necessary daily living activities. Her work is awesome, and her Dr. still allows her to go since she has no heavy lifting, or strenuous activity. Not now anyway, normally she does. We spent one night in the hospital in OBGYN triage, they said she is having contractions, but none she could feel. Baby X has slowed his movement a bit, but that is because he is becoming cramped. He still moves, gets the hiccups, just no kicking anymore. Cyndi has been a great pregnant mama. She makes it look so easy and I know I would be moaning and stuff already. I am ready for his arrival and I know he still needs another four plus weeks. Cyndi has went from no symptoms of pregnancy to becoming very uncomfortable. This only makes me love and admire her even more.
Again, thanks for reading I will like I always say, try and do better.


  1. Tick Tock Baby X will be here before you know it!

  2. WOWEEEE!!!! Look at that belly. Cindy you must be dying. You look GREAT! Congrats guys. Call soon so we can do lunch/supper.

    hugs and love,