Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catching up yet again.

Our baby will be 16 weeks tomorrow. So the question remains what sex is the baby, that will come later. We went back to the Ultrasound place to re-check gender this week. Cyndi has increased bra size for the third time. Tomorrow she is no longer allowed to sleep on her back. Left lying only to allow proper blood flow to our beautiful baby.
A good note, Cyndi's hormones have leveled out and our relationship is back together well back to normal I should say. Back to best friends and spouse.

So what has been going on this week outside of baby, baby, baby. Well my good friend found out she was pregnant today. I am so excited for her, just as though we were just finding out again.
I had to have my toenail removed for the fourth time and this time they say it will not grow back. It hurt so bad, but Cyndi held my hand. She is so wonderful.

Jake my son dated a girl, his only girlfriend in high school, they were together for over one and a half years. In high school that is eternity. Well he is leaving later this month for the USMC and she broke up with him. Being his mother I want to have a skunk go and spray her. I am very angry and it kills me to see my son hurting. God told her it was not meant to be. The truth is sad and it has nothing to do with God, yet possibly another boy. I know I am a crazy woman, but if you hurt my family, I have no use for you anymore. The sad thing is he still loves her. Instead of just breaking it off, she still wants to go to the movies, have him go to the Dr.'s with her. I want to call her and say LEAVE MY BEAUTIFUL SON ALONE. You never deserved him to begin with. But, I won't. He is now 18 and has to go through all of lives tough blows. I just wish I could protect him from such a harsh world.

Joe has continued with football practice four times a week even though it is over 110 here. He is a doll and I love him so much

We leave this Thursday to go to Oklahoma to see Cyndi's family. It should be fun. I am afraid to fly so with the exception of that it should be great.

Cyndi's belly is just growing and she is more beautiful everyday.
So what are we having?

Okay here it is, however keep in mind we are only about 90% sure. So if in three weeks we tell you something different I apologize.
We are have a little baby BOY. YEAH!!! We wanted a girl but since I found out it is probably a boy my heart and my emotions have changed. Plus, we raised Joe and some of Jake which means we have boy experience. At least we kinda know what is in store for us.

I think I have everything so far. I will try and get 16 week belly pictures up on Monday. We are 16 weeks tomorrow. I love my wife, my baby and her belly.
I am so thankful and appreciate everyone in my family. I feel a special thanks to Joe who is handling becoming a big brother at 16 very well. He is an angel of a child.

Thank you for reading, I always write near bedtime so once again please ignore my grammatical errors.

Our Ultrasound for fun.

This is our beautiful baby growing inside mama Cyndis Belly.
It is active and kicks, jumps up and down, waves hello, takes both hands down to cover it's privates. I can not believe Cyndi can't feel our baby move. It is totally out of control.

The baby is posing for this picture. How beautiful. How can you not just fall so in love with our baby. We love our baby so much.

Am I a girl or a boy. We went to this place for that purpose. The end result was we don't know. I was unahppy with the service, but am grateful to see my little angel.

Baby Reiter-Belcher You are so loved. We adore you more than you could ever imagine.

Belly pictures week 15

Yeah at least we go new bottoms, and they are not blue or yellow. Amazing in it self.
Can you belive how beautiful her belly is. I think she is one hot mama.
I am so blessed to have such a beautiful woman in my life.
I love you mama Cyndi. You are my hero, I idol you and strive to become more like you.
Our children our blessed to have you be such an influence in our family.
We are forever grateful that you are carrying our gift, our precious angel.

Okay we are a little bit behind. It was so easy to keep up at first, but for those of you who read our blog, please be patient, I am trying really hard to keep you updated.

Belly pictures week 15

Oops my error sorry stay posted.