Saturday, May 23, 2009

We heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time.

I ordered a doppler (fetal heart monitor) a couple of days ago. I have been anxiously awaiting and today it arrived. We listened for about 20 min and could not find it. I was a little nervous but Cyndi has many symptoms of pregnancy now so I tried to have that comfort me. About four hours later we listened again, and Cyndi found it. We will try and download it on here when we learn how. I would love that little whoosh whoosh to be our music on this blog. The baby had a hear rate of 166. If you believe in some of the wife stales then it is a girl. Even though I think it's a boy.
I am counting the days until I get to try. In a turn of events I will be using the same donor as Cyndi for my first month trying. If it does not take then I will go with my backup donor for the next two months. If still no BFP (big fat pregnancy) then Cyndi will have to push one out and start over.
So If I get pregnant from her donor we will have blood siblings. If I don't get pregnant at all we will have full siblings via Cyndi.
Please anyone that reads this post, pray I get pregnant the first month like Cyndi. I want so badly to also carry a child and the first month would be ideal for a multitude of reasons.
Our baby is growing and Cyndi is too. She has that pregnancy glow that everyone talks about but I had never really witnessed it before. I have never been close to anyone during pregnancy and we are sharing so many first together. I think sometimes when you have had a past relationship with someone you think all your first are used up. Not with us. The biggest first, we are still madly in love with one another after two and a half years. We are having our first baby together. Jake and Joe will always be my baby's, but unfortunately I did not have the pleasure of having them until they were almost 5 and 8. Okay it is lat I can't sleep but should stop going on, if you do read our blog I am going to bore you.
Thank you GOD for giving me my family. Each one is different and is loved for their unique personality.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jacob A. Reiter Graduation

Well I will put pictures up in the next couple of days. Jake graduated from High School last night. We live in Arizona, the chance of it raining her is like slim to none. You could probably count on your fingers how many times we get any real size able amount of rain in one year.
Well...... Plan a graduation outside with almost 500 students so probably 5000 total people and wouldn't you know it rained for about one and a half hours during graduation. I thought for sure they would move it indoors but nope just kept on going. It made taking pictures hard. The camera could not focus as well.
Jake's dad's family came from SLC, UT and stayed the night and left early this morning. Our families did not talk together as much as I would of liked, but it could of been a disaster and it was not so I will have to be happy for that.
Oh ya, a word to the wise, If you Check Spellingplan to save an aisle for ten people to sit at, have a bodyguard come along with you. I thought I was going to literally be killed last night because people were mad I was saving so many seats. We had to have a ticket to get in so I had every right to save our family meeting us there a seat. I thought road rage was scary, well seat saving just beat that one. LOL

Jacob Aaron, we have had many trials and bumped heads along the way, however you did it. You graduated. We love you so much. We are scared for you to join the Marines but know it is your dream so you have our support.
Thank you Jacob for teaching me to have more anger management, thank you for pushing my buttons just to hear me get upset, because of you I am a stronger mother for Joe and our future babies to come.

Monday, May 18, 2009

10 week 2days baby update

From the Pregnancy Journal
Over the next three days, your baby's fingernails will begin to grow from the nail beds. The baby's skin is sensitive all over--any type of touch causes your baby to move.

Mama Cyndi About 90 percent of all women develop strech marks at some time during their pregnancy. IF you have elastic, well toned skin and try to keep weight gain stady and gradual, your chance of developing strech marks will be reduced.

Wee10 from Your pregnancy week by week.
The first line: IF you've just found out you're pregnant, WHAT???? Okay we have only known for almost 2 months.
How big is our baby?
Crown to rump one and one fourth inch to one and three fourths inch. Our baby is the size of a plum and weighs 5 grams. This week we can start knowing more about weight, since she:) or he is gaining weight finally. Prior it was like your baby weighs as much as a bottom eyelash. LOL
10 Weeks just as Cyndi is feeling. Silly to wear maternity clothes, but the jeans just are not doing the trick any longer. Ruber Bands work and we want to get some belly bands.
We LOVE YOU BABY keep growing. PS it is okay to kick mommy, get it out now and then be nice later in the pregnancy okay.
Why do I just know you are a boy? Time will tell. I have openly said I want a girl, but my heart tells me this is a baby boy and I am getting excited for either. I sure like our boy name better than our girl name. The boy name was easy.
I just think you are a little boy.

Caught up for now.

Jakes graduation is soon so we will have more pictures to come. Joe's birthday is in eleven days, so the next post will be of our boys and maybe if we can a recording of babys heart beat. I will have to figure out how to do that. Nothing really to video we are just going to be using a doppler, so maybe my phone? Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks for reading I will try to keep updated.
Our ticker says today the baby is 1.5 inches long. YEAH
I Love you my dear family.

Baby be nice to mama Cyndi, I will pay you back when you arrive. But for now, be nice so she feels good and is happy.
We love you baby

SHE DID IT. The start of our Belly pictures, week by week. Sometimes it is there more than others.
SO HERE WE ARE 10 WEEKS pregnant. I LOVE MY WIFE!!!! NOT sure she will still love me, but I did tell her I planned on posting.

This was back at 6 week 4 day but I just think she is adorable.
Man alive GOD blessed me more than one person ever deserves.

My family and me at graduation May 15th 2009

They were all such troopers. The also got sun burned, died of thirst and sat there 3 hours to support me. I have the best family in the world. They may be small in numbers, but large in love.

The above is Jacob he will graduate from HS on the 21st. He was a sport and wore my cap. Pictures say I should of left if on. Oh well. It was too hot.

My beautiful wife any myself


THE FAM. Cyndi was taking the pic. DARN IT. I never think of those things until I go back and look at pics.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Graduation. OMG (gosh) I finally did it.

I only dreamed of this day for years. Not much more I can say except I am glad I made it. I am the first person from my family to have a college education. I think that is even all my cousins. I am very proud to have accomplished my dream.

YUK!!!!!! Hope they change it for nex year.

Here are some pics from pinning night.

Me holding on to my beautiful wife and our beautiful baby.

Me and the Boys, Cousin Butch and Brother Bill
These were May 13rth 2009 1800

Pictures from our 6week 4 day US

Sorry these are not in order, they probably never will be, but I will at least try to feel you in on what they are. On the US the smallest blurb is the baby, the larger one is the yolk sac. This was the first time we saw your little heart beating baby. It is 128. We get to hopefully hear it in 8 more days. That is our next appointment with DR. Johnson. We sure have been to so many appointments already with you. Just shows how important you are to us.