Friday, May 22, 2009

Jacob A. Reiter Graduation

Well I will put pictures up in the next couple of days. Jake graduated from High School last night. We live in Arizona, the chance of it raining her is like slim to none. You could probably count on your fingers how many times we get any real size able amount of rain in one year.
Well...... Plan a graduation outside with almost 500 students so probably 5000 total people and wouldn't you know it rained for about one and a half hours during graduation. I thought for sure they would move it indoors but nope just kept on going. It made taking pictures hard. The camera could not focus as well.
Jake's dad's family came from SLC, UT and stayed the night and left early this morning. Our families did not talk together as much as I would of liked, but it could of been a disaster and it was not so I will have to be happy for that.
Oh ya, a word to the wise, If you Check Spellingplan to save an aisle for ten people to sit at, have a bodyguard come along with you. I thought I was going to literally be killed last night because people were mad I was saving so many seats. We had to have a ticket to get in so I had every right to save our family meeting us there a seat. I thought road rage was scary, well seat saving just beat that one. LOL

Jacob Aaron, we have had many trials and bumped heads along the way, however you did it. You graduated. We love you so much. We are scared for you to join the Marines but know it is your dream so you have our support.
Thank you Jacob for teaching me to have more anger management, thank you for pushing my buttons just to hear me get upset, because of you I am a stronger mother for Joe and our future babies to come.

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