Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome Xander

Xander Kai Reiter-Belcher was born on December 10th 2009 at 1045 a.m. His wt was 8.7 pounds and 21 inches long. Head circ. was 14.5. His Apgar scores were 9 and 9 and that was after 30 hours of labor six of which she was at a 10 and complete, but the Doctor tended to another family whose baby became stressed right when we were going to start pushing. We understand and was told the baby was fine, but of course it was nerve racking waiting to push when the baby's head was already crowning. The first thing we noticed was he had dark hair. A bit of a surprise, but it may still lighten up. If not Cyndi loves dark hair. Obviously eye color is to soon to know for sure, but we are hoping for blue eyes. Sorry it took awhile to get pics updated hopefully you will be able to catch up.

Thank you to all our friends, and family for the loving support. Please just let us know if you would like to come meet our new little one. We don't take him out much but you are always welcome to our home if you are in the area.

We feel forever blessed. Still a bit stressed, but FOREVER BLESSED.
Our family is one step closer to being complete. Xander one day will to be a big brother.

More pictures of our little star

More pictures of our little star

First Dr. Apt getting PKU and Bili checked. He was not very happy.
The trip and cute outfit for the Doctor. His first ride out.

Sponge baths still. Waiting on my umbilical cord to fall off. Mom's can't wait to give me a real bath and watch me kick and play in the water.

He is saying hey mom how about coming and giving me a big smoochy right her on these perty lips.

Watch out, Grandma Martin has got her hands on her youngest grandchild. We need to get a stamp for his forehead that says spoiled. She love babies so much and the love just went beyond measuring capabilities. He is all hers in her eyes. She is so amazing with him.

More pictures of our little star

Updates of our baby boy Xander the ruler of our home.

we are getting ready to meet our baby boy, our little star. I am so excited, i just did jumping jacks over and over and paced the floor.
Joe hanging out with mama Cyndi, She adores him and he does her. One last alone picture togther. He has been our baby for almost 17 years. Now is sharing the reigns and doing so with such a sweet spirit. We are so proud of Joe. He will make an awesome big brother. WE could never do it without him.

I think a hint of a smile here. Maybe it is a Oh poop I am really really scared smile. She is so beautiful, even after 36 hours with no sleep, and just sitting here dialated to a 10 and complete. Waiting 6hours for the Dr. She was sweet throughout the entire process. I just love her so much. She is really honestly my true idol.

Welcome baby Xander Kai Reiter Belcher. We are so excited to meet you. Mommy Cyndi pushed you out in 5 pushes. She did amazing, but I am sure you helped her alot. The nurse in your room, your own personal nurse was Michelle, she is a friend of mine. She thought you were pretty darn cute.

The three of us just learning each other right after the cord was cut. (yeah I got to cut it). Our family is almost complete. We now have our three boys and we will be finishing it up sometime next year. Maybe a girl for the fourth? I will be happy with four boys. But in the mean time we have Mr. Xander to focus on for a bit. He is such a blessing that seems to come into our life at very special perfect timing. God does things like this for a reason I believe.