Friday, December 18, 2009

we are getting ready to meet our baby boy, our little star. I am so excited, i just did jumping jacks over and over and paced the floor.
Joe hanging out with mama Cyndi, She adores him and he does her. One last alone picture togther. He has been our baby for almost 17 years. Now is sharing the reigns and doing so with such a sweet spirit. We are so proud of Joe. He will make an awesome big brother. WE could never do it without him.

I think a hint of a smile here. Maybe it is a Oh poop I am really really scared smile. She is so beautiful, even after 36 hours with no sleep, and just sitting here dialated to a 10 and complete. Waiting 6hours for the Dr. She was sweet throughout the entire process. I just love her so much. She is really honestly my true idol.

Welcome baby Xander Kai Reiter Belcher. We are so excited to meet you. Mommy Cyndi pushed you out in 5 pushes. She did amazing, but I am sure you helped her alot. The nurse in your room, your own personal nurse was Michelle, she is a friend of mine. She thought you were pretty darn cute.

The three of us just learning each other right after the cord was cut. (yeah I got to cut it). Our family is almost complete. We now have our three boys and we will be finishing it up sometime next year. Maybe a girl for the fourth? I will be happy with four boys. But in the mean time we have Mr. Xander to focus on for a bit. He is such a blessing that seems to come into our life at very special perfect timing. God does things like this for a reason I believe.

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