Monday, September 21, 2009

28 week Belly Shot

This is 28 weeks. We only have 12 more weeks to go. I am hoping she will go around 38 weeks, but I have a feeling she is going to either not start labor on her own, or she will go over 40 weeks. I can't wait. She wants a traditional birth and has not decided on an epidural or not. I am in love more each day I see my beautiful wife changing and growing, I feel our baby kicking like crazy. We cant wait to meet this little boy in there.

She is so wonderful. And the best mom ever. Baby X is lucky to have her for a mama. He will always be number one to her. Well tie for number one anyway.

Funny pics of the kids.

Not sure what joe was thinking? Just being silly with one ugly shirt we got for baby X off E-bay. Last week we got about 90 pieces of clothing that were horrible. I have got so many great things, that we decided to just laugh it off. Pee wee wanted to pose and Big Bro Joe did too. The look and his face says it all. LOL

The shirt is for pee wee, but he does not like it either. However his shirt does kinda look like him.
Ebay, some you loose, some you wonder what the hell were they thinking, and some you get fantastic deals. It has been a fun adventure.

Cyndi turns 30.

Well Cyndi finally made it to the older than crap club of the 30's. I am just glad we are both in our 30's, I was getting tired of being the only one. I took Cyndi for a surprise for a day and one night. We got her hair did at Arizona Hair Company, then we checked into a hotel right near the football stadium used for the Super Bowl. We were in walking distance to shops, restaraunts etc. Our Air conditioner was broke at home, so we were more excited than you can even imagine. We spent the night and did nothing but talk and hold each other. We went swimming with baby X for the first time. He either liked it or hated it. When Cyndi's Belly touched the cold water baby X got very tight and rose up as far as he could. So that leads me to believe he wanted to stay warm. It was not too cold, but I am sure X could tell the difference.


You are so amazing, and just stunning! So glad we took the chance to fall in love.

Happy Birthday

K you look beautiful now let's go EAT!

Thanks for the kiss, I caught it with my heart and cherish it everyday.
I love you old lady.

We love you baby X, WE love you big brothers Jake, and Joe. We love you Peewee, Rocky, and Tobi.

A present for me and a present for her. This baby stuff is so FUN!!

My darling Cyndi bought me a gift. I love them so very much!!!
She has come so far and is proud to be who she is. No hiding it anymore.
Thank you mama Cyndi, we (baby X and I) love the gift.

We should market these. Well first make or own. We need to open a shop just for same sex
couples and their baby's. Or other special shirts that you just can't go buy at the store.

This is Cyndis new Diaper Dude. A steal from Ebay. Thanks Gerry for the idea, we each bought one and sent another one to her sister Julee.

So, I decided to spice up the colors. And tomorrow is the first day of fall it is only fitting.

26 week Belly Shot

She found some cute jeans.

I love the sides of her belly. Her line down her belly
has grown uneven. It is too cute.

X continues to kick hard enough to see mama's belly move.

We have missed a few weesks, this is 25-26 weeks. Last Belly shot before she turns the big 30.