Monday, May 18, 2009

10 week 2days baby update

From the Pregnancy Journal
Over the next three days, your baby's fingernails will begin to grow from the nail beds. The baby's skin is sensitive all over--any type of touch causes your baby to move.

Mama Cyndi About 90 percent of all women develop strech marks at some time during their pregnancy. IF you have elastic, well toned skin and try to keep weight gain stady and gradual, your chance of developing strech marks will be reduced.

Wee10 from Your pregnancy week by week.
The first line: IF you've just found out you're pregnant, WHAT???? Okay we have only known for almost 2 months.
How big is our baby?
Crown to rump one and one fourth inch to one and three fourths inch. Our baby is the size of a plum and weighs 5 grams. This week we can start knowing more about weight, since she:) or he is gaining weight finally. Prior it was like your baby weighs as much as a bottom eyelash. LOL
10 Weeks just as Cyndi is feeling. Silly to wear maternity clothes, but the jeans just are not doing the trick any longer. Ruber Bands work and we want to get some belly bands.
We LOVE YOU BABY keep growing. PS it is okay to kick mommy, get it out now and then be nice later in the pregnancy okay.
Why do I just know you are a boy? Time will tell. I have openly said I want a girl, but my heart tells me this is a baby boy and I am getting excited for either. I sure like our boy name better than our girl name. The boy name was easy.
I just think you are a little boy.


  1. Hello ladies! It sounds like things are coming along nicely! Keep the updates coming oh and those belly pics too!!!