Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jake's Marine Corp Graduation

Training ground. Right by San Diego Airport on MCRD grounds. Looks fun to me, however I would not have a DI yelling at me.

Last couple minutes of family day. Jake shaking Joe's hand for a goodnight farewell. Wish we could take him home with us. So sad.

Jake's first time checking his ATM balance ever. He was so excited to have earned money. It was just too cute.

Our first family picture. With baby X in tow and all. Cyndi was the most fantastic pregnant person ever. Never one complain. I love her so much. Baby brother kicked with excitement as his big brother just completed his graduation.

Day one was kinda overwhelming for all of us. We walked about 10 miles, Cyndi was such a trooper being 31 almost 32 weeks pregnant.

I think we were all over stimulated.

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