Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jake back to MCRD

So Jake had his ten day leave and got back into civilian living very quickly. He has since flown back to complete more training in San Diego. He did not want to go back, which is so hard for me as his mom. I just think signing up for a 5 year contract and never really doing it before signing sucks. He wishes he would of gone in the guard. I know after school that will change, but for now it pulls on my heart. At least in the last two days I have gotten a couple text messages which did not happen at all in his first 13 weeks.
Cyndi is 33weeks and 5days. We have an OBGYN appt tomorrow. Cyndi is sick, I sure hope she starts feeling better. It is scary since my mom had H1N1 and Cyndi is at high risk. We did try for the most part to keep them away from each other, however they are like two peas in a pod. They say you marry someone like your mom and boy did I ever. They even look a like.
Cyndi is still pressing the limits with her blood pressure. Today it was 162/92. I just think that is too high. I love her Dr. so I guess I just need to have more faith that she knows what she is doing.
Baby X is doing good, we have broke out the doppler and listened to his very loud heartbeat a few times this week. He kicks from every direction. Sometimes it feels like he is going to bust through her abdominal wall.
Tomorrow we are taking belly pictures, not just the normal ones we put on here, but hopefully some that look nice. How could the not? It is Cynd and she is beautiful and amazing.
All the fears of can I do this are starting to race through my mind. I am so afraid, but excited to meet my baby boy.
We will post more pics as soon as we get them.
I am still amazed that I am so in love with our baby boy and I have never met him.
Have a great day.
Chantelle and Cyndi

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  1. thanks for the post. We are very well. I was measuring 5 cm big and today we had a U/S that was completly normal with everything. baby weighed 5lb 1 oz and everything else she said was normal. not sure how my dr is measuring me so big. she also put my due date to the 9th but we will see when we have our apt on tuesday. looking forward to seeing some of your belly pics. were getting some prof ones done at the end of nov. :) best of luck