Saturday, July 25, 2009

Posting one day early YEAH 20 weeks

So this is one day shy, but chances are I may not get to post tomorrow. So we are half way. No true movement yet, but hopefully in the next 14 days. 22 week is the guideline so hopefully we meet it or beat it.
Joey is at his dad's this week, and Jake is gone as I think I have previously overstated. Cyndi is at work today so it is just me. Very odd.
We are so in love with baby XKRB. That is all we are sharing now, the initals. I might slip soon, I call him by name. Cyndi has the cutest belly still. Her uterus is right at her belly button. she grew 1/2 in this week or so in the belly. Clothing has become a huge pain in the butt for sweet Cyndi. She just does not like maternity clothes. She thinks she either looks fat or is just showing her growing breast. She is beautiful in everyway she ever could be. What a strong woman I married. I love her so much, I could never ever describe my love for my angel.
Soon to come..... Belly pics for our half way mark.
So it is a true count down now. Kinda scary but so exciting. Can't wait to meet the little man we adore. Well I can wait at least 17 more weeks, I want him to be happy and healthy.


  1. I know it, I know it!!!!! But I won't slip. Love the name as you know it was one of ours for such a LONG time. So happy for you guys. We still have to get together soon...

  2. you've been nominated, details in my blog