Sunday, July 19, 2009

Oklahoma and the 4rth of July

Joseph and cousin Blake making plans to set off the next explosion at Aunt Jenny's. They even have a launch pad. Joe is always so excited to go to Oklahoma and the boys get along soooo good.

Natalie, Chantelle, Erica and her little sister. Hanging around the pool avoid some of the fireworks. It last from 9a until about 10p. An all day affair.

Mama Julee, little Hayhay, and Grandpa John.

Launch pad with all the boys strategically planning their events.

Joseph and hayhay with a couple pre-planned fireworks.
Cute Cousins together.

It has turned into somewhat of a tradition at our house to go to Oklahoma for the 4rth of July. Not much cooler, but there is good family, fireworks, and lots of entertainment for free. Cyndi was blessed to have a very funny family. They pull pranks on each other all the time, and Cyndi considers her best friends to be her siblings. That is what life should be.

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