Monday, June 1, 2009

Coming to grips with our new plans and another new arrival

Well, we cxld the swimmers that were to arrive this Friday. Thank heavens we cxld them in time I am not sure I could have them on the door step and sent them back. So the adjustment of working on one baby at a time has settled in and no more tears. I think it has put some of the tension at home at bay. I am only waiting 6 months and then we can try again.

On a positive note, the crib arrived from fed-ex today. It was a good surprise because originally it was on back order until June 9th. We are no way ready for it as the below pictures show, but just to know it is here just makes our dreams one step closer.
I only wish the same fed ex driver that delivered the swimmers with Cyndi's BFP would of been the same driver to deliver the crib. We told him he had our baby in that box and we were not joking. It would of been great to see his reaction for a second time.

One day at a time we are getting more and more excited. Our doppler still has only let us hear our baby's heart beat one time. It is a boy again, only boys are that darn stubborn. We have raised two of them believe me I know that much.

We love you baby CCRB. Grow big and strong and think, just think about being a girl.

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