Friday, June 5, 2009

Catch up time again.

I have avoided the Internet to some degree this week. I peak, but have not been as vocal. I scheduled to take my RN state boards on Wednesday June 3rd. The started off on a stressful moment and I began my test at 2:00 P.M.. I planned on testing for about an hour and honestly I thought I would either pass of fail stopping at the minimum of 75 questions. So question 76 came up the 176 and more and more until 265, the maximum. I cried all the way home told all of my family not to give me the oh you did fine speech, that I failed and to just except it. The last thing I wanted to hear was oh you did fine you are just worried.
So it takes Pearson Vue the company that you test with 48 hours to give you unofficial results. I checked from the moment I got home and nothing. So out of desperation, I thought to just check the state board and see what it said.
HOLY MOLY it already had my name as an RN with my license #. I wanted to cry, scream, puke, and was not really sure to believe it or not. I called the state board and they said if you have a license number than you passed. So I told everyone praying to GOD pearson vue would put up the results, and that there was not a mistake.
This morning, after already celebrating in my head and with classmates I logged on to check my pass or fail status with Pearson Vue every 10-15 minutes. Finally at 1230 it said I could pay to see results. I know why pay $8 to see them if I already had a license #, that is just how I am, want to make sure. SO FINALLY I SAW THE WORD PASS!!!!
YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, dancing and screaming!!!!!
So as I am telling the world, I have only posted it on facebook, NW etc. (okay I am a little excited) I have waited 7 years.
Anyhoo it is Chantelle Reiter-Belcher R.N.
I am so freakin HAPPY!!!!!
I just have to find a job now. SO please say a little prayer. I don't think finding a job can be as stressful as the last year has been. I sure hope not. My family is so proud, and they are why I had the courage to try and finish. They have all been so supportive.
Had to share the news.
I just have so much excitement don't know how to get it all out.


  1. It is the most amazing thing to put those letters behind your name after working so hard for it. You deserve every minute of happiness and excitement. We are both so very, very happy for you. CONGRATS my fellow RN!!!!