Sunday, May 31, 2009

Change of Plans.

Well in the picture of a perfect world, I dreamed about double belly shots, Cyndi and I together, sharing our pregnancy hand in hand. To make a long story short that will no longer be in our plans. I can't give explanations except that our marriage is between two people and we both have to agree to make a plan work in harmony.
So today we will sit back and think of all the blessing's God has given us with one on the way and concentrate on that.
If life throws you lemons make lemonade right????
I love Cyndi more than ever and if this makes her happy then in turn I shall be happy.
May God bless all of you out there TTC especially in June. I hope I can throw any of my baby dust your direction. So as for now we are going to TTC in late novemeber. Talk abou interesting a 9 month pregnant woman trying to do the insems. I think it might be a bust, but we shall see.
So to our singleton, we love you and are excited for your healthy arrival.

May God Bless all of you as he has us with our little one on the way.
With great love
Chantelle and Cyndi

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  1. Oh sorry guys I know how much you wanted this, but all things happen for a reason. You can give one baby even more love and attention now. :)