Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Belly Pictures week 16

If you do not know Cyndi, she is full of laugh, giggles, and constant practical jokes. I believe I caught a bit of her pose she tried to correct before I took the picture. That is just her.

Mama Cyndi holding our baby boy.

Mama Chantelle trying to get every angle of that growing belly. I just think it is so cute. She is such a sport, I ask to see my belly probably 10 times (at least) a day. She has never said no. I get to hug, rub, kiss, my babys' belly and our baby all the time.

Her waist line has slowed a bit but her tummy is getting harder and harder. I keep hoping she will soon feel quickening (baby movement) and then soon I will be able to feel our baby.
All the posted belly pictures are great, and a pay back for all her covered wagon's, and locked windows in the car. Pregnancy sure does strange things to our body's.

Week 16, not a whole lot new EXCEPT A GROWING BELLY.

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  1. Ooo...her belly is so sweet. I can see a bit of a change.