Sunday, August 30, 2009

24 week belly shots, she seems to have grown a bit.

We are not in the safe zone yet, however being a preemie myself, born at six mos 1 day, I keep counting the days that the baby is in the safe zone. By all means I want her to carry until 37-40 weeks, not one day over though lol. Pregnancy brings so many changes, such as: These pants are too tight, these are too big, and the " OH I look fat, or my breast are growing faster than my belly". Regardless, this angel God sent to me is perfect and I adore her. I am eternally grateful for the sacrifice she has given to allow us to share a baby boy.

The greatest thing about her growing belly is now I can feel our baby every night. Not only can I feel him, I can see her belly move when he does. I feel so luck and thank God everyday for the blessings we have received.

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