Saturday, June 13, 2009

13 weeks pregnant. YEAH MORE BELLY PICS

Okay so in the above pic she says don't get my face, so I said then lift up your chin. After she saw the pictures she said, why did you make me lift up my chin like that I look silly. I say she is silly. LOL

I am so in love with that adorable belly. HOW CUTE!

Different pictures within 5 seconds look bigger, and or smaller so I like to post a few.

Pregnant belly covered.
There is a really funny story to those blue shorts she is wearing in almost every belly pic. Okay I hate them. I hid them once for about six months. She did not even notice they were gone. The funny thing is she does not wear them everyday, really, I promise. However, EVERY belly pic except one she is wearing those ridiculous blue short I HATE. Maybe she will grow out of them. I think she wears them to drive me bonkers. She has like 10 pair or more of shorts. She does not wear them outside, I think I might hide them again. If for no other reason than to get some belly pics in a different pair of bottoms.
However I AM SO IN LOVE WITH HER she gets away with murder with me and can almost do anything she wants. What is a girl to do when she is so in love?

Cyndi thinks her weeks in pregnancy are finally catching up to her growing belly. She still won't take pictures of her face with the belly, I don't get it but that is okay. We all know what she looks like (silly Cyndi).

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  1. This is twondra from the NW board. I love blogs! I'm so glad you have one. It's a great way to get to know people even more. I love the pictures! Such a cute belly. :)