Saturday, June 13, 2009

That is me in the top picture, did I mention I am afraid of heights? Not bad here but the other ladder, that's another story I shake when I am at the top and get nauseated on the way down. But Cyndi is out of commission. So I am doing my best.

Double masked for baby. And stepping ladder only!!

Pee Wee is sick of the house being moved around. He can feel changes are underway and he is not happy at all. Poor PeeWee. If he only knew we love him so much.

The tan is called sandstone something. I like it.
We (Cyndi) flipped the blades of the fan to be a softer ocean color. Thank you mama Cyndi but... STAY OFF THE LADDER!!!!

The beginning of the painting. At least you can now see the floor. Goodbye storage room (almost) hello beginning of nursery.

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