Monday, October 5, 2009

Updates on our life.

So we hit 30 weeks last Sunday. Baby has kicked less, but is still moving. Cyndi's belly is more beautiful everyday. We are feeling rushed to get things accomplished prior to his arrival.
Jake graduates as a Marine on the 16th in San Diego, so hopefully we will all be able to go.

Cyndi has another OBGYN appt tomorrow. They are sooooo boring. I have to work, it will be the second one I have missed. It makes me feel bad but with a new job you have to do the best you can to make everyone happy.

We are thrilled to have our car seat now. That was really making me anxious not having it ready. We have to get two more bases. One for Cyndi's car, and one for my Mom's car.

Speaking of my mom, she is having a baby shower for us, so I am working on the dates, themes etc. We have a really hard time accepting gifts so we will see how it goes.
We are just ready to meet our baby. After holding our friends son Blaze, we are really ready for our to get here. We make bets all the time, like if she will go into labor, if he will be early or late, how much he weighs etc.. It is a lot of fun.

I have to tell my mom thank you for all you do. You are so wonderful to us.
And a HUGE thank you to my beautiful wife Cyndi. She is such a good pregnant mom. She is my every breath, my whole world.


  1. Time seems to be going by so fast! I can't believe she is 30 weeks already! I have a feeling that the next 10 weeks will fly right by. :)

  2. We're getting excited! You guys are the last of our "lunch group" to get a kid so let's get cracking!