Saturday, May 2, 2009

Almost 8 weeks

Well Cyndi bo byndi is at work. Had to run her some prenatals, she ran out, and forgot to get them. So now we have some for work and home. We are almost 8 weeks and I wish we were able to get a weekly picture of the baby. It should look much more like a baby now than it did a week and a half ago. That is so darn amazing, I am glad we don't age that quickly. So we are getting excited about the idea of maybe trying in June with me for baby number two. They would be rather close together, which I think would be very cool. Even cooler that they would not have the same birthday, but would be in the same grade. For now it is just a thought/dream that we are considering. I know everyone already thinks we are crazy so you can go ahead and say it. Now if I were to have twins or something that would be really really scary. I know that it is going to cost us an arm and a leg, but when I am on my death bed at 102 I hope that I have children and grandchildren with me. I am from such a small family and I want our children to be a part in changing that. I am most excited that my mom will still be around for the baby. If I have had one dream, beyond having a baby it was for my mother to be there and enjoy being a Grandma. My mom is so amazing, I can only hope one day I can be more like her. She has other grandchildren, but has never been there for the first Ultrasound (which she was) and never there for the birth. Cyndi is a kind enough person to allow my mom to witness the birth of her new grand baby.
Cyndi has been a lucky and horrible example for me when it comes to pregnancy. Horrible meaning she has not complained, been sick or anything. I always thought hmmm she will finally understand when she is pregnant what feeling sick feels like. Nope she has been perfect. I am happy for her and pray for her it continues, but uh-oh. What if I get pregnant and am sick as a dog? She will never understand. She is pretty great so maybe she will. Cyndi is pretty much perfect at everything she does, so I am not totally surprised. I think she will go through labor and be like what? Was that suppose to hurt because I did not feel any pain. She is just like my mom, amazing in every way possible.
Well I think so far this inter net blog is soooo much easier than scrap booking so I hope I can continue to keep up. Then after the baby is here print it and give it to them on there birthday sometime down the road.
I guess that is enough for today.
Baby, we love you and are so excited you are growing. You have the worlds most amazing belly to be living in right now. I hope you always remember when you come out of there that you are loved and have been since that little faint line letting us know you were in there. We love love love you baby.

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