Thursday, April 30, 2009

Best Friends create the most BEAUTIFUL family

How our family came to be.....When I(Chantelle) was twenty two, I had the most horrible event happen, the death of my 26 year old brother. From this I never knew such a blessing was in store. I became the mom of Joe and the next year Jake(my brother's biological children). The kids and I had lots of ups and downs, some very rocky roads, but we began our journey as a family. We had it rough for awhile, the boys learned I was gay and was seperated from their step-dad Mat. The word step is only noted so if you don't know us, it may sound confussing. He is in every way their father. Mat and I remain great friends and co-parent the boys.FINALLY MY BLESSING CAME ALONG.......FEB. 2005. I met my beautiful best friend Cyndi.We (Cyndi and Chantelle) were best friends for a couple years. Neither of us dreamed, that our friendship would result in a beautiful marriage, shared children, and a FOREVER GROWING LOVE.This page is dedicated to our family. "Somtimes I thank GOD for unanswered prayer's" He knows what you need, and you will receive it when the time is right.

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