Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joe is sick BOOO!

Joe is our baby for now. He is sick. Fevers in the 102 range and coughing, runny nose, I just feel so bad for him. He is such a pleasure to be around and he is giving men a better name by handling this whole thing like a pro. No whinning or complaining. He is just a little charmer. We are trying to keep Cyndi away from close contact with him to protect the baby. It stinks to have a family divided up but we can't all get sick. Joe is missing his last final days of baseball which is killing him. He even kinda told a white lie and went to school one of the days he was sick so he could play ball. I told him I was dissapointed in him, but he really loves being part of the team. He was the winning hit his last game. Making a base and bringing two runners in. At least he can have that memory for his freshman year.
We love our charming, sweet, tenderhearted baby boy. I know Joe you are almost 16, but you will always be our baby.

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