Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daily Baby Update 7Weeks 4days.

Dear baby CCRB
The digital ridges of the hand plates should be completed today. Within the heart, the trun of the pulmonary artery separates from the trunk of th aorta. Our baby's kidneys are beginning to produce urine as they start their ascent to their final position near the small of the back. Today, ends the critical period for our baby's arm development. The arms are now at their proper location and proportional size for this stage in development.

By today you might have missed your 2nd menstrual cycle. The cells in your uterus will increase between seventeen and forty times their nonpregnant size because they are being stimulated by extra amounts of setrogen and because of the stretching caused by our growing baby.

Cant wait for the belly bump so I know exactly where to kiss and hold my baby. Even though I am not the bio mom, I take full credit as though I am. I got her pregnant so that gives me the right to??? right. I have never loved something so much.


  1. Chantelle, you have all the right in the world to claim your baby as your own. Cyndi and you are both the parents, and the mom!