Thursday, May 28, 2009

New arrival

Today Fed ex delivered the mattress and dresser with changing table on top. It is all in expresso. No-where to put it yet but we are trying hard and working on clearing the room that everything goes that does not have a spot.

On another note, I am on CD2 (cycle day two). We ordered the swimmers aka sperm, just don't like that term as much yesterday. It will be arriving on the 5th for insemination's to be done between the next two weeks. That is depending on my body. I O from CD12 up to CD16. 4 vials this month with a boost of clomid (fertility drug) related to me never getting pregnant on previous attempts. I will be trying in June and then taking July off related to a vacation planned over my suspected ovulation dates. Two vials and no meds worked for Cydni so let's all hope and pray that 4 vials and meds will work for me. I start taking the clomid tomorrow night.

And....another note. My Arizona state boards aka NCLEX is scheduled for me to find out if I am really ready to be an official RN. Jobs are not good so I have put pride aside and decided I will work wherever that provides me with insurance. I will be picky once I have that one year experience under my belt. What a year to graduate. Normally you walk into a hospital with an RN license and they beg you to work. It is an experience that I am sure I will learn from.

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